Chapter 3 Put Your Ego In The Way

You're kidding, right? You don't see this? Everyone else does... everyone.

Not only does pride goeth before a fall, it wreaks havoc on the way down—throughout the offices, cubicles, elevators, cafeterias, and conference rooms of Corporate America. Egos like yours are littering these places, and it's polluting your company.

I'm not concerned here with the pride you feel from doing a good job or ego as it relates to self-esteem. Those are good things. I'm talking about your ego when it drives bad decisions and puts people off, all because of your childlike need for attention, approval, and self-gratification.

I'm not finished.

You cut people off, talk down to them, and look at your watch while they're talking. You're abrasive, insensitive, short. You think your ideas are always better, take too long to get back to people, and tell them "I told you so" when you never told them anything. You reply to emails when it's convenient for you and, even then, only respond to part of it. You're frequently late, say inappropriate things, and people have a hard time challenging or advising you—much less reporting to you—because you know so much. You're just so important.

Not you? If you're guilty of even one of these things, you're putting people off and hurting the team. More than likely, it can be traced to your ego.

Now, where was I? Oh, yeah, you let your ego get in the way. Stop that.

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