Chapter 21 Be Too Political

Your job requires you to be political.

You must angle for your next promotion, project, raise, or bonus.

You must also navigate waters made murky by others—and engage or circumvent people to assist you or approve your projects.


You're being too political. You are obstructing the natural flow of information, process, and interaction that your company requires.

If you're politicking for a subordinate or coworker, good for you. Politics should be about the greater good—not just as it relates to you.

While some people are not politically assertive enough, the bigger problem I've observed is that most are too political. For your company's sake, you need to strike the right balance; more often than not, this means toning it down a bit, not up.

If you're guilty of this behavior, you know exactly what I'm talking about. If you're not, don't get too comfortable. Chances are you're more than a little guilty of what comes next.

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