Chapter 8 Lack Confidence

Just because someone is courageous doesn't mean they're not afraid or insecure at times. Even the greatest of leaders and competitors have respect for their opponents and for circumstances that can impact their chances of victory or survival.

But it's hard to succeed without confidence, whatever the odds. Indeed, without it, virtually nothing great happens—including long term profit growth. Your team, division, region, company and even you are destined to fall short due to your lack of it.

When you're fearful, desperate, or insecure, you tend to either withdraw or go unnoticed, or conversely, blame, freak out, and condescend to others. Whether you are you are managing yourself or a group, confidence will improve morale and take you farther. It costs nothing, your company feeds off it, and it's all in your head.

In sports, confidence often makes the difference between being out and safe, getting the first down and falling short, sinking a putt and missing by inches. In business, it's what gets you one more increment of success, however you measure it: time, money, image, and so on.

You should be identifying things you can be confident about and creating ways to improve your lack of it as relates to others and to outcomes. You don't want to infect people with negativity but a confidence virus is something else's all good.

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