Chapter 29 Win Battles Instead Of Wars

This is so cliché, yet it dominates your thinking, and you do nothing to stop it.

Guess who's at fault? Exactly.

Stop arguing already. There's a good chance you have something much bigger and more important to deal with in the long run.

You were taught this but failed to learn it. Isn't it one of the most basic principles in all of human interaction? Why then do you insist on winning every incidental point of every negotiation of every exchange?

Call it self-sabotage: You're in control, yet you undermine your relationships and the achievement of your end goals.

If you focus on solving problems, attempt to create win-win situations, and give a little ground, you will likely claim even more territory, move closer toward your goals, and enhance your stature.

Understand concession, cooperation, and collaboration, and add them to your skill set.

Some organizations do such a good job of bogging down negotiations and losing sight of the big picture, that any time there's a minor advance, let alone breakthrough, it makes the headlines. You should learn from them and from people you observe doing the same thing—and do the opposite.

If you continue to value winning over problem solving, it will cost you in the end, and your company will pay the price.

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