Chapter 16 Look For Secrets And Shortcuts

You spend more time looking for ways around things than it takes to complete them. You're too lazy and misguided to realize that you're lazy and misguided—and it's killing your company.

Want to know the secret to getting any task accomplished—simple or complex—in the shortest possible time?

Do your job.

Not much of a secret, is it? That's because there are no secrets. If there

were, Secrets and Shortcuts would be the name of this book.

There are no secrets or shortcuts. And if there is a magic bullet, it's are the magic bullet.

Stop looking for ways around things. Start helping others with their jobs. If you are deficient in some way, work on improving yourself and leverage your relationships to get what you need. Work hard. Work smart. Use your head. Use other people's heads.

Getting around the bases quickly is important, but it means nothing if you fail to tag one of them.

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