Chapter 4 Hog All The Credit

Why do you take credit for other people's ideas and efforts?

This is perhaps one of the lowest things you can do. It's not just lame—it's stupid. Everyone knows what's going on. You will not get away with it. Maybe you should try coming up with ideas of your own.

When you shine a light on others' good work, it reflects back on you. Crediting others is the stuff of corporate karma. When you point out the good that someone else does, whether you're his or her boss or not, the morale of everyone around you improves, and your social stock rises. Plus, your company prospers. It can't be measured directly or financially, but be assured that it does.

Try coming up with ideas and successes of your own. In any case, don't act like something is your idea when it's not. Don't take the credit; give it where it's due. It will actually come back to you.

Remember, honesty is always an alternative.

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