Chapter 14 Resist Change And Opportunity

You dislike change and seek to avoid it. Big mistake. You overlook opportunity even when it's right in front of you. Bigger mistake.

Few things stay the same—and that's fine. When you stop changing, you stop evolving. When you stop evolving, you're less useful and interesting to everyone around you. This includes your company, lest you forget our theme here. Resisting change kills opportunity; they are inextricably linked.

Be slow to embrace new ideas, methods, and policies, and you risk losing your job. The established way of doing things is ideal only until someone creates a better one. You need to make new approaches work for you not against, see the upside not the down, and recognize that initiating change is better than having it imposed on you.

Opportunity is hidden as often as it is obvious. It rarely announces itself in the form of benefit or advantage; uncovering that is your job.

Whether targeted or sweeping, companies reorganize more fully and frequently than ever before. This is done to be more efficient, to save money in the long run, to be competitive—in short, to survive—not as fodder for you to complain. The speed and frequency of change will not slow or reverse but accelerate.

Resist change and opportunity, and you will fall behind. As with many of the issues here, you may be as guilty of this in your personal life as you are professionally.

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