Chapter 18 Lack Trust, Respect, And Empathy

You consider other people's thoughts, feelings, and ambitions—when it's convenient for you. You are otherwise disrespectful, unthinking, and distrusting. If a video game were created about interpersonal disaster, you'd be its chief designer.

If you took a moment to consider how your actions and decisions affect your boss, subordinates, peers, customers, and others, you would actually enhance your position and your organization's wellbeing. Stop wondering why you lack the respect of others. Stop wondering why people keep secrets from you. Stop wondering why no one seems to consider your point of view.

Start thinking about others and all those concerns will go away. All you have to do to gain the trust, respect, and empathy of others is to give it. Pretty simple, isn't it?

I've grouped these three traits because they often travel together. But they go it alone as well. Look for them, together and separately; they live in the subtext of many other chapters here.

Don't get me wrong: Skepticism and self-centered behavior have their place and are not unhealthy in and of themselves. They are crucial to upward mobility. Start thinking of them as nice places to visit, but you wouldn't want to live there.

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