Chapter 28 Don't Belong There

You don't feel you belong—or worse, that's how others perceive you. Ever stop to think you may be working at the wrong company? This type of mismatch is one reason sports teams trade players, often to everyone's benefit.

Whether it's forced upon you or of your own volition, you owe it to yourself and your company to take stock every so often:

Are you performing with passion and to the best of your ability?

If not, is it because you're in the wrong place? Is the fit not right?

Is your relationship with your company healthy?

Would you and your company be better off with you somewhere else?

Your organization does not want to see you, let alone pay you, if you really should be working elsewhere. They'd rather see you go and replace you with someone who is right for the job, who fits better with their goals and culture.

If you belong, get to work. If you don't, get to work on your exit strategy.

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