Chapter 47 Rush To Judgment

You're so smart, quick, and intuitive that you can evaluate a person or situation instantly and accurately 95% of the time. Good for you.

Seriously? Wow, you're even dumber than I thought.

Resist your instinct to judge people, solutions, and circumstances too quickly or harshly. You might be right. You are probably wrong.

Your company (you know, the place that issues your paycheck) needs you to be right. And I don't mean hitting just over .500. Your average has to be much better than that.

Like most of the issues in this book, you'd do well to fix this problem in your personal life too. Rushing to judgment might be a good idea if you really think someone's in danger, but generally speaking, it's not smart—in the office or out.

You don't get all the facts and are in too much of a hurry. Don't do that.

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