Chapter 46 Be Slow To Recover

Everyone makes mistakes. I don't think you'd argue this includes you. But you often fail to recover, and when you do, it's usually too late.

Do you even notice this?

The greats among us are not great because they don't screw up but because they recognize their mistakes and tend to them quickly.

They make adjustments, large and small, on an ongoing basis, correcting those they detect right away.

On a small, everyday scale, these are the little things that must be corrected. Bigger than leaving out a comma, smaller than locking your keys in the car.

On a larger scale, these are big picture course corrections related to strategy or decisions that require prompt redirection. Much of the time, how you get there is less important than how you get out.

You make tens of small, instant adjustments to your golf swing to improve it. Maybe you should do the same with your other weaknesses, whether thoughts or actions.

You're human and will always make mistakes. The good news is that, even at the speed of business today, there is time to recover. But you cannot afford to do nothing, or worse, continue ignoring your mistakes. Put another way, getting the rebound is as important as taking the shot, sometimes more so.

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