Chapter 31 Suck At Delegating

You do too much yourself. Whatever the reason—you think it's faster, handled better by you, others are incompetent—you're wrong, and you need to delegate more.

What? It's because you don't have anyone to delegate to? That may be, in which case you have to be far more efficient. But think about it: You don't only delegate down, you also delegate up and sideways. Think, too, about whether the task is necessary in the first place. Sometimes you can delegate to the trash can.

Perhaps you're too controlling, lack trust in others, see it as a sign of weakness, or you're the micromanaging type. Or maybe you think you're the smartest guy in the room and therefore have to handle everything yourself. If that's the case, you're clearly not the smartest guy in the room; if you were, you'd realize how much you could accomplish by delegating more. Every problem can't be so important or idiosyncratic that only you can solve it.

And what of the opposite problem: You assign and hand over too much. This is another way to suck at delegating and says more about your indolence and/or lack of accountability, both of which we'll get to.

If you're all strengths and no weaknesses, you needn't finish this book, let alone this chapter; if not, why aren't you delegating those things others can do better than you? Even if they can't do a better job and their work is merely adequate, sometimes good enough is good enough.

In any of these cases, you're not only misusing your time, you're lying to yourself—the one person with whom you should be the most honest, plus you're probably alienating those around you.

Bottom line? You need to let go. Give it away. Focus on more important things.

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