Chapter 22 Cut Yourself Off

Whether it's the door to your office or your mind that's closed, you can't share or engage others—or encourage those around you to do the same—under such conditions.

Shutting your door literally and figuratively shuts out the flow of information, ideas, and energy to you and from you, and with it, your chance at greater success and impact.

You are creating a communication breakdown similar to building and protecting silos. However, in this case, the breakdown is more personal: You're cutting yourself off, not just your team. This flow, in and out of your office and your mind, is critical to your company's growth. It's what helps make things happen, get better, create positive outcomes.

Consider the musician or improv comic whose mindset is always "yes and." They are 360 degrees open because they know the best way to make something better is to accept what they see and hear, then build on it. You need to emulate that mindset.

You also need to create an atmosphere of "the door is always open". Besides, if you keep your door shut, how can anyone bring you an alternative solution or a useful idea you can build on?

Need a minute of privacy or solitude? Fine. Shut the door to your office or put on your headphones. Otherwise, if someone closes the door on the way in, make sure they leave it open on the way out. If you've cut yourself off, consider opening up and finding ways to stay connected beyond emails, conference calls, and virtual meetings.

You need to think of your mind as the doorway to success, and keep it open all the time.

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