Chapter 13 Be Too Complacent

Everything's fine.


You've been in the same position for years. You're satisfied doing adequate work. You're happy with the status quo.

Guess what. None of these are good for you—or your company. Believe it or not, your organization actually feeds on change. And part of that change is you climbing the corporate ladder, broadening your horizons, pushing yourself and shaking things up, so the company's resources, processes and output are optimized.

Business moves and changes in real time, not tomorrow or even an hour from now. There's a good chance what was great this morning will suck this afternoon.

On a broader scale, some organizations are proactive about moving people around. Some are not. If yours is the latter, you need to reevaluate your position every so often and make some noise.

If you keep up, all right then. If you keep a step ahead, even better. But if you remain complacent, your work and company will suffer, and you will be up jobless creek without a reference.

When you get complacent, you feel its effects.

When you fail to recognize it, your company feels it.

When you fail do something about it, your customers feel it.

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