In his new book and workshop, Ken Kirsh cuts right to the chase, revealing 50 ways you could be damaging your organization and your career.

How To Kill Your Company is unlike any business book you’ve ever read. It’s fun, fast, loaded with behavioral insights and immediately useful takeaway, whether you’re managing yourself or others.

"A lot of books take too long to get to their points or go on too long after making them. Like you, I read the first couple of chapters then toss them aside. That’s why I spent a long time making this book short—so you’ll finish it. In just 90 minutes, you'll discover the critical instincts and behaviors you possess and which ones you need to work on!" Ken Kirsh

When it comes to building a successful business or career, knowing what to do is only half the game. The other half is knowing what not to! That's exactly what Ken Kirsh reveals, with precision and in-your-face clarity. Barbara Corcoran, Star of Shark Tank, Business Expert, Real Estate Mogul

"Read it with a pencil. Aside from making notes, you'll be able to change your 'guilty' check boxes to 'not guilty' when you go back to it. I've seen these self-sabotaging behaviors throughout my career but never all in one place." Roger Dow, President & CEO, U.S. Travel Association

"Ken Kirsh’s seminar provided our members with valuable takeaway. His insights on employee engagement and performance are great for business owners and executives." Deb Yohannon, Executive Director, Executives Association of New Jersey

"Kirsh's book is the gift that keeps on giving. The workshop he conducted for our company continues to inspire our employees and leadership team to greater success." David Cunic, Owner, DMC Athletics & Rehabilitation and CEO, Pazoo

"Ken Kirsh’s seminar on behaviors, relationships, and habits in the business world provided our members with valuable insights into what works and what doesn't." Angela Kubisky, Executive Vice President, Membership & Marketing, Morris County Chamber of Commerce

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